Amanda Knox: Recent “Innocence” Event at Loyola Law Chicago Cloaked in Secrecy

   Loyola’s Life After Innocence Program Doubles Down in Silence Following Knox Appearance

Loyola Law Luncheon

The above image of a few middle-aged to elderly stragglers in an empty dining room is emblematic of this strange cabal that went down at Loyola Law Chicago on December 3rd. Later tweeted and hashtagged #FullHouse, the guest of honor, Amanda Knox, is either punking us or desperately wants the public to believe “our lyin’ eyes.”  At $2,500 per table and offering course credits for student attendance, the student lawyer organizers clearly subscribed to the Seattle media hype surrounding their keynote speaker.

Now they’re hiding in embarrassment under the Loyola Law Clueless Student Witness Protection Program. (I kid)

Media coverage appeared to be nonexistent, odd for an event featuring a woman promoted by the organizers as the world’s most FAMOUS exoneree.  Student organizer and Knox mega-fan Carly Chocron’s name has been removed from the blog she wrote last September (see previous link). and she’s no longer profiled on the Life After Innocence website subsequent to the luncheon. Read about Ms. Chocron and the Loyola Law event promotion in my October post.


Check out the above Instagram photo of The World’s Most Famous Exoneree flanked by student lawyer groupies Chocron (left) and Ashley Stead. Scroll down to the commentary of my October article to read the rude, obnoxious email reply of Ms. Stead to an inquiry about the event.  Does Loyola offer a Lawyerly Arrogance 101 course? Seriously, these future lawyers are demonstrating major attitude while not even studying the source documents in the murder of Meredith Kercher. Their sole citations are media reports!!

As for the keynote speaker herself, it appears her name has been removed from the LAI December calendar, which merely notes a 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. luncheon on the 3rd.  It’s challenging to find any information on their website about the Knox appearance. This is consistent with how Loyola Law Chicago shut down access to event information shortly after the public started asking questions a few months ago.

The university presented an aggressively defensive posture, refusing to acknowledge or respond to legitimate concerns about endorsing Ms. Knox as an exoneree.

Amanda Knox was definitively convicted for lying to police by accusing an innocent black man of murder 

If Loyola had done its research. it might have walked back the decision to host Amanda Knox. Shouldn’t student lawyers possess the critical thinking skills to distinguish a Not Guilty Due to Insufficient Evidence acquittal vs an official ruling of innocence?  Then there’s the inconvenient truth that the Supreme Court upheld her guilty verdict for deliberately accusing an innocent Congolese man — her kindly boss — of rape and murder!  {Scroll down for more about Patrick Lumumba.]

LoyolaLunchMontage12-03-15Kathleen Zellner

Lawyer Kathleen Zellner attended the luncheon as a champion of Amanda Knox’s innocence campaign. Zellner is lawyer to client, Ryan Ferguson, the latter notably absent from the event. To clarify, I didn’t see any photos of Ferguson in attendance so presumably he wasn’t there.

A beaming Ms. Zellner is pictured [top, far right] with her client, Mario Casciaro, and Knox.

Personal commentary: Amanda delivers her best predatory gaze posing next to Mario. Whoa, girl, calm down!  My, how she relishes her photo-ops with male exonerees, including Ryan Ferguson at a prior Innocence Project gathering in the Pacific Northwest. Doesn’t Amanda have an alleged fiancé?

Kathleen Zellner blocked me on Twitter when I asked her if Amanda explained why she accused Patrick Lumumba of murder.

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Meredith Kercher: December 28, 1985 – November 1, 2007


Meredith’s Birthday

MeredithLeftProfileToday, December 28, 2015, would have been a milestone birthday for Meredith Kercher.

Her murderers live on to celebrate birthdays and profit from their crimes. The only milestone in their vacuous, parasitic lives would be the day they repent, tell the world what they did, and ask the Kercher family for forgiveness.

Meredith’s father, John Kercher, wrote a book about his daughter Meredith: Our Daughter’s Murder and the Heartbreaking Quest for the Truth

Sadly, there has been no truth or justice for Meredith and her family.

Today, let us all light candles and build a bonfire of light for a young woman who, by all accounts, was herself a radiant light.

Better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness ∼ ∼ Chinese Proverb

floating lanterns Until next time,


Remembering Meredith Kercher 1985 – 2007


Why is Meredith Denied Justice?

MeredithSmilingLength of years will never diminish the horror of what occurred eight long years ago on the night that Italy celebrates a national holiday, a hallowed day, the Feast of All Saints.

On November 1, 2007, twenty-one-year-old Leeds University student, Meredith Kercher, was brutally assaulted and murdered. Her body was discovered the following day, locked inside her bedroom, lying on the floor in the rental cottage she shared with three other women in Perugia, Italy, including American, Amanda Knox.

Later convicted of sexual assault and murder, Ms. Knox was acquitted by the Italian Supreme Court this year based upon an obscure criminal code implying insufficient evidence. The acquittal is far from an endorsement of innocence, however, despite Camp Knox attempts to spin it as such. In a mystifying and convoluted motivations report, the panel of judges ruled that Knox and her Italian lover of a week, Raffaele Sollecito, were present in the cottage during the murder. Ms. Knox placed herself at the crime scene and described Meredith’s screams. The judges went so far as to confirm that evidence showed Amanda Knox rinsed herself of the victim’s blood, her DNA co-mingled with Meredith’s blood in the bathroom.


By arbitrarily limiting the entirety of the crime scene evidence, the acquittal by the 5th Chamber of the Italian Supreme Court defies logic.

The world is left wondering why Amanda Knox wasn’t convicted as an accessory to the crime. At the very least, why didn’t she summon emergency aid for her “good friend” Meredith?

Only one man sits in prison for the murder, a black man named Rudy Guede. Deserving of his sentence for participating in this horrifying crime, the court nevertheless did not rule that he inflicted the knife wounds that ended Meredith’s life.  It was the court’s opinion that he was one of three accomplices. Guede has steadfastly denied killing Meredith while acknowledging that he abandoned her while her life’s blood poured out.  Continue reading

Amanda Knox: Loyola Law School “Innocence Program” Connection

Knox Luncheon at Loyola Chicago Scheduled for December 3 at $2,500 Table

It seems someone is paying attention to the Donate button on Amanda Knox’s website.

Has Loyola Law Chicago embraced the notorious convicted liar as an official “exoneree” eligible for all the legal and financial benefits offered by its Life After Innocence program?

The luncheon announcement tweet precipitated a social media reaction.

Many on Twitter seek further clarification and information. I tweeted several questions to the school, the Dean and directly to the Life After Innocence Program without receiving a single response.

The above link is taken directly from Loyola School of Law Chicago website page About Life After InnocenceKeep reading for further discussion about the program which is presented by the school in the murkiest of terms.  I don’t know about you, but I want to know……

WHO is Funding Life After Innocence at Loyola?

The student allegedly organizing the Knox luncheon, Carly Chocron, represents herself as an employee of the Cook County Public Defender’s Office as a Law Clerk. Is the Public Defender’s Office subsidizing the Innocence program? Loyola students submit their “billable” hours devoted to After Innocence, but there is no explanation of funding sources.

Is there a distinction between Carly’s job as a Law Clerk at the Public Defender’s Office and her “billable hours” with the school’s “Life After Innocence” program?

Why are Comments Shut Down on Life After Innocence Blog

Ms. Chocron’s blog dedicated to Amanda Knox and the upcoming event provoked a lively commentary on the Life After Innocence page, but the comments were subsequently deleted and now shut down. There remains only one fawning comment about Carly’s “insightful analysis” now appearing on her blog. Now this gets interesting. Who wrote the comment? Tom Zupancic, co-founder of Injustice Anywhere and Injustice in Perugia, a strong advocate of innocence for Amanda Knox. This disturbing bias by program organizers and rejection of public commentary mandates further scrutiny of the Loyola Law Life After Innocence Program.

If Carly Chocron were writing a personal blog on her own privately-funded website, she could moderate and delete whatever she wants. This is NOT a private website or blog. People were expressing disagreement with the program’s endorsement of Amanda Knox as a client, and asking questions.

Who is Moderating the Innocence Program Website?

Answer: An emotional law student (translation: biased social justice advocate) who proclaims Amanda Knox to be:

the world’s most FAMOUS exoneree

That declaration reads like a student creative writing essay in a high school English class.

In addition to the deleted blog commentary, more information is disappearing from the Loyola Law School Chicago website.


Why did the attendance list vanish? About ten registrants were listed, some representing their law firms. The list was public until today. Instead of responding to questions and concerns from the public, Loyola Law School Chicago and its Alumni Program appear to be concealing information and refusing to answer reasonable questions.  WHY?

Let’s look at the invitation to the December 3rd Knox luncheon event.


Before it, too, disappears, let’s take a closer look at the fine print.

Your attendance and donation will support Loyola University Chicago’s Life After Innocence, which advocates for innocent people released from prison, helping them reenter society, clear their records and start their lives over. One credit hour of MCLE will be available.

Registration prices are steep for an event featuring a woman definitively convicted by the Supreme Court of Italy for the serious crime of calunnia. Attendees will pay up to $100 for a single ticket and $2,500 for a table of 8!  Continuing education credits are offered as well! WHAT is remotely educational about having lunch with a convicted liar who is now on trial in Italy for her lies on the stand, in media interviews and in her book?

Attendees to receive autographed copy of “Waiting to be Heard”

As a special bonus, the event table-sponsors get an autographed copy of the convicted liar’s book and attendees can spend personal time with her. Sickening and appalling. Considering the trial evidence from the Knox/Sollecito case — which is clearly disregarded by Loyola Law students and staff — event organizers should be cognizant about protecting the safety of other students and attendees.

It’s no surprise that Carly Chocron’s name is once again linked to this fiasco. Her blog about the event cites a mere few media sources to prove the innocence of Amanda Knox. Think about this.  Law students are not even consulting official legal sources to conduct a thorough assessment of the victims of injustice for whom they commit to advocate. No wonder there are so many Innocence Project scandals in Chicago.

The After Innocence Program is surely aware that English student Meredith Kercher was murdered in Italy and that is where the case was tried. Case history, official court transcripts, evidence, testimony, etc.,  is available on the comprehensive site The Murder of Meredith Kercher Why, then, is law student Ms. Chocron linking to biased media sources as evidence?

Another Case of Chicago Innocence Fraud

Recall another scandalous incident in Chicago where Northwestern University “innocence program” journalism students, under direction of their professor David Protess, succeeded in exonerating Anthony Porter, a man convicted of double murder.  In that case, an innocent man, Alstory Simon, was subsequently convicted for the crime. After 15 years in prison, his conviction was vacated last year by the office of state attorney, Anita Alvarez. Read the grand jury testimony of the clueless students who conducted a biased investigation at the direction of their professor.  In the case of Amanda Knox, Loyola law students should take the opportunity to analyze the case as the future lawyers they aspire to be.

Amanda Knox Was NOT Acquitted of Calunnia

A Cliffs Notes version of the Knox calunnia conviction:  the Italian High Court upheld the lower and appellate court convictions for the defendant, Amanda Knox, confirming that she willfully — and without coercion — accused an innocent black man of murder. Google Diya Patrick Lumumba.

Knox served three out of four years in prison for this crime and remains in contempt of court for her refusal to pay mandated restitution to the victim. She earned in excess of $4 million for her book of lies yet she couldn’t set aside approximately 22,000€ to pay the court-ordered damages to the victim? She ruined his reputation and his life. Diya Patrick Lumumba was publicly hauled off to prison for two weeks, lost his club Le Chic, and relocated from Perugia to Poland with his wife and young child. Ask Amanda Knox if she’s ever apologized for this crime?


Diya “Patrick” Lumumba, innocent victim of Amanda Knox’s false accusations of murder

Is this the calibre of “innocence” embraced by Loyola Law School?

Is this the type of innocence “exoneree” endorsed by the Black Law Students Association (BLSA)?

Read on for a more scathing indictment of Amanda Knox, in reference to the acquittal of her murder conviction, as evidenced in the Supreme Court’s sentencing report. Continue reading

Darlie Routier DNA Results: Why Does She Want Them Sealed?

DNA Results Don’t Support Darlie’s Innocence


Darlie Routier

Darlie Routier has been on a mission for many years to obtain updated DNA testing on the evidence presented at her trial. Despite constant begging for funds to conduct the court-granted testing, it dragged on for years. Darlie will go to any lengths if it means a shot at freedom. Any lengths. Long ago, she ordered the exhumation of her murdered young sons, Devon and Damon Routier, to obtain fingerprints. The boys were buried holding hands. Physicians were forced to detach their small entwined hands in order to get their fingerprints.

DamonAndDevonDetached is a polite way of saying their hands were chopped off.

Did you know that Darlie had life insurance policies on her children? At the time, 5-year old Damon and 6-year old Devon had a serious discussion with Mom just like all kindergarten-age children have with their parents, reviewing finances and instructions for their funeral and burial. They wanted to make sure Mom would be compensated when they were murdered died.  The boys requested knives in their shared casket and a recording of the song “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio from the movie Dangerous Minds released in 1995, the year before the boys were murdered.  Ok, deliberate sarcasm about the discussion and the boys’ requests, but I’m dead serious that their parents bought life insurance and buried them as described. These are not normal people.

Folks, do not be deluded by this woman. She is a cunning, calculating, narcissistic killer.  Early prison glamour shot alert!

darlie-routier-10 So what are the results of updated DNA tests?

Good question. Both of Darlie’s websites, ForDarlieRoutier and DarlieFacts offered no information aside from copies of her request and the court orders for the testing. In fact, my search of her sponsored websites didn’t even uncover the original DNA results… unless I’m blind, unable to see information right in front of my nose. If I’m mistaken, please let me know. She does publish the most recent court order for the updated DNA tests dated July 18, 2014.

Side note: There are no photos of Devon and Damon on Darlie’s home page.  Nope, just pics of all-about-me narcissistic Darlie. If you want to see the “babies” she claims to adore, you’ve got to search for them.

While searching, don’t forget to donate to her prison commissary account!  So convenient, right there on her “innocence” website.

Darlie Court Order DNA sealed_editedBack to the DNA, thanks to a loyal reader and friend who has followed and studied this case for years, I saw a copy of the DNA results still in the public domain, dated June 17, 2015.

Darlie wants these results hidden from the world, obtaining a court order sealing the results dated August 15, 2015 (pictured left).

As expected, Darlie’s DNA is well represented in the results. Her husband, Darin, and his patrilineal line, as indicated by the Y-STR Haplotype testing cannot be excluded from the re-testing of tube sock. Some other findings that don’t support Darlie’s “intruder” fantasy:

  • smudged bloody fingerprint on the glass table contains no male DNA
  • the knife handle contains no male DNA
  • her nightshirt revealed no foreign male DNA

Murder weapon from Darlie’s kitchen

Darin and Darlie in happier dating days

Darin and Darlie in happier dating days

Due to Darlie’s ruthlessness, stupidity and criminal arrogance, she’s probably succeeded in sealing her fate. Stay tuned for updates.

RIP, Devon and Damon.

Until next time,


“Amanda Knox You Did It” rap-lyric video by Misty Von Kalow

A reader by the name of DavidB linked this video in his comment on a recent article by Peter Quennell over at TJMK. Be sure to read the article which contains lengthy excerpts of Knox’s contradictory testimony in her original trial.  In anticipation of the calunnia trial hearings scheduled to commence next week, the article is an excellent refresher on her lies and inconsistencies.

This creative young woman, Misty Von Kalow — who is the same age as Amanda — has delivered a challenge for Knox. Intelligent and perceptive, she knows Amanda Knox is lying and she smoothly renders a scathing indictment of the crime in a genre popular with her generation…rap.  Her message is clear and direct, and I won’t ruin it with spoilers.

A quick scan of the youtube commentary reveals that the Knox cavalry has already descended with typical attempts to sue, bully and intimidate. I encourage all who care about justice for Meredith Kercher to take the time to vote your support of the video on Youtube.

It’s evident that Misty  has seen and read enough to confront the far from a fox one to come clean.

Amanda Knox,  you did it….

It strikes me that Amanda Knox was so jealous of Meredith’s appearance in the Kristian Leontiou’s Some Say video that she tried to compete with her own (lame), now-defunct Hands of Time (HOT) video.  Remember how creepy it was?

I wonder if Misty has seen the lovely Meredith’s appearance in the Some Say video.

Amanda Knox, you will NEVER be anything but a Meredith wannabe.

RIP Meredith.

Until next time,