Isabel Celis: Three Years Missing; Police Silent on Persons of Interest

Saturday, April 21, 2012, Sergio Celis Calls Emergency 911

Tucson, Arizona

“Hello, I want to report a missing person said Sergio.Celis to the 911 dispatcher.

First impressions. Quick, don’t overthink. Was this a call for a friend, acquaintance in need, a work colleague?

Is this how YOU would report your “missing” six-year old daughter?

In this excellent updated commentary provided by Peter Hyatt on his website, the 911 call is analyzed according to the principles of Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN). This is a good introductory exercise for any readers unfamiliar with the techniques used by the FBI, law enforcement, specially trained military interrogators. [Refer to former military interrogator Lena Sisco’s guest blog.]  The beauty of the science is that any interested, motivated individuals can learn the techniques. Caution: it’s harder than it looks but fascinating!

Mr. Celis’ telephone call should shock listeners. Immediately, we’re alerted to deception. Put yourself in the position of Sergio Celis. It’s a Saturday morning. His wife had left for work. Their little girl — and only daughter — is found to be missing from her bedroom and is nowhere in the house.  As Peter explains,

the father of a kidnapped child is not likely to start his call with “hello.  Note: this is not expected by anyone in a hurry to get emergency information to an operator.

The father of a kidnapped child is not likely to refer to her as a “person.”  Please note that a “person” is gender neutral 


“I believe she was abducted…”

Sergio Celis: “I want to report a missing person, my little girl who’s six years old, I believe she was abducted from my house.”

IsabelCelisTimelinePhotoEven though statement analysis studies words, not inflection or tone of voice, the calm, measured style is notable. He doesn’t need to be screaming or loudly weeping, but how much colder can he get?  We don’t need any special training to detect an immediate problem. Detachment. Guilty knowledge.  Deception.

His wife, Rebecca (Becky), was called at work prior to the 911 to inquire about Isabel and then told to “get her butt home” [chuckles at his own joke — and in a later interview gets defensive about public criticism.] Continue reading

The Final Injustice: High Court Acquits in Meredith Kercher Murder

 March 27, 2015        

Corte Suprema di Cassazione, Palazzo di Giustizia

Rome's Palace of Justice, Supreme Court judges deliberate into the night

Rome’s stately Palace of Justice, Supreme Court judges deliberate into the night

My own personal vigil finally came to a close that Friday.

Disappointed that a verdict was postponed from Wednesday, March 25th, I had been following closely. Without online streaming video available, those of us following on social media were dependent on live tweets from the court.

That was problematic for journalists and those like Kristeva, our own citizen journalist, from Perugia Murder File. The location of the hearings had been moved to the Great Hall to accommodate the large crowd, but cell phone use was banned.  This didn’t prevent Kristeva from finding a way to provide regular, timely updates, for which we’re all immensely grateful.

On that Friday, word had quickly spread that a verdict was imminent.  I quickly checked Kristeva’s timeline. Blinking back tears, my first thought was it had to be a mistake.  But Kristeva is fluent in Italian. No mistake.






My reaction:

 And from independent journalist Andrea Vogt who has been convering the case from the beginning:  

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Amanda Knox: Exploitation of Her Murder Victim

 Recalling the Horror of Meredith’s Murder


MeredithAnimatedFaceEdited“I think it is so easily forgotten what happened to Meredith.

‘When I read reports even now, I find myself skimming past the paragraphs that refer to what actually happened to her because it is so horrific.


‘I think anybody would just need to read in detail or know what happened to her to then question themselves – could they ever forgive someone who did that to their sister or daughter?’”

… Lyle Kercher, Meredith’s Brother

-Lyle and Stephanie Kercher attended the court hearing in Florence one year ago when Judge Alessandro Nencini upheld the guilty verdict of the lower court.  Both spoke briefly to the press as excerpted above. Gracious in their grief, nevertheless they let it be known that they believe the verdict to be just. In an interview with Sky [excerpted above], Lyle said he would not be able to forgive those responsible for his sister’s death.

Amanda Speaks Out

 Meanwhile, Knox released a statement to the media saying she ‘expected better’ from the Italian justice system.
She said: ‘First and foremost it must be recognised that there is no consolation for the Kercher family.
‘Their grief over Meredith’s terrible murder will follow them forever. They deserve respect and support.
‘I am frightened and saddened by this unjust verdict. Having been found innocent before, I expected better from the Italian justice system.
‘The evidence and accusatory theory do not justify a verdict of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. rather, nothing has changed.’

[Excerpted from the same Daily Mail article]

Despite repeated requests over the years from the Kercher family to keep her distance, Amanda used the occasion of the court ruling to disclose she wrote and mailed a new letter to them.

I just want them to know that I really understand that this is incredibly difficult. When the case has been messed up so much, a verdict is no longer consolation for them.
‘The thing that people want when they’ve been victims is just simple acknowledgement – and they deserve respect and that’s been lost. I wish them the best.’

Stephanie, with the patience of a saint, responded: “I am told there was a letter – I have not physically seen it … I don’t have a need to read it at the moment.”

Stephanie reiterated that she does not want to meet Amanda Knox.

‘It’s not something we would want to do at the moment – and I can’t say we ever will. Regardless of a guilty or not guilty verdict, a lot has happened over this amount of time.’

If anything illustrates the empty rhetoric, the corruption of the Amanda Knox innocence campaign, it’s her courting of the family of her murder victim while callously exploiting Meredith’s image and smearing her reputation.

Manipulating Photos: Does it Get More Despicable?

KnoxMeredithFriendsAvatarEmblematic of this exploitation are the photoshopped — as in FAKE — Twitter avatars.

Doesn’t every convicted killer’s social media followers splice together images of the murderer and victim as FRIENDS?

In reality, a photo does not exist of Meredith Kercher and Amanda Knox together. They were not friends. In the multitude of photos posted of Meredith with her real friends, Knox does not appear once. Amanda did not possess any photos of the two together although she postied a photo posing with Laura and Filomena.

In Their Own Words: Amanda Knox Supporters

On the front line of social media, the Knox-is-innocent campaign rages on, trashing Meredith’s reputation as a mechanism to protest alleged “slut shaming” of their idol.  For the record, the only person accountable for publicizing the sex life of Amanda Knox is…Amanda Knox.

CAUTION:  Violent language. Age-appropriate content. Continue reading

Advertisement – Moore Investigations International


By Jeff Friend

Do you fill with hate when people on the internet disagree with you? Do you fly into a rage when those people’s arguments tend to be factual, reasonable, and well-sourced?

Steve Moore heading a conference at Seattle University, 2011, about the Amanda Knox case

Steve Moore heading a conference at Seattle University, 2011, about the Amanda Knox case

At Moore Investigations International, we not only know how you feel but we want to help you do something about it!  Moore Investigations International was founded by former FBI agent Steve Moore.*

Through his years of advocacy for Amanda Knox, Mr. Moore has acquired the unique skill-set for taking action against anonymous internet trolls who embarrass you by refuting your baseless assertions and crazy conspiracy theories.

*All those requesting information about Steve Moore’s career will be referred to NBC, ABC, CBS, and various other media outlets. Not sharing relevant experience, qualifications, and accomplishments with the average person is typical when a former FBI agent of Mr. Moore’s stature takes such pride in their career.

What We Do

Moore Investigations International offers three tiers of investigative service.

The “Casting of Doubt*” Package:

Want to question a troll’s credibility without really doing anything? Then the “Casting of Doubt” package is for you!

Take the case of “Somealibi” who has bedeviled Mr. Moore with anonymous online posts that have sounded all lawyerly and everything.

Mr. Moore, on his blog “G-Man Case File,” noted that this “Somealibi” person claimed to be an attorney but that “this claim was investigated and is in serious doubt.”

Serious doubt!

This revelation of “serious doubt” left “Somealibi” paralyzed for a full four seconds!

*Please note that this package only includes doubt pulled out of mid-air. For actual conclusions, explanations, or follow-up please see our other packages.

The “Junior High School” Package:

Remember when you were an adolescent and you found out somebody may have said something about you? Maybe they said something, maybe not. Mr. Moore sure does! From his blog:

“One poster, in fact, allegedly posted that it was his life’s goal to ‘bring Steve Moore down’ because of my [Steve Moore’s] advocacy for Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. (Subsequent investigation proved him to be an impotent poseur.)”

Don’t let your tormentors hide behind the word “allegedly”!  With Moore Investigations International, we hunt these trolls down and expose* them without worrying about whether they actually did something or not!

*As this is not a premium package, actual exposure does not include naming the person, only implying their sexual dysfunction and falseness.

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Amanda Knox Trolls CyberStalk, Harass as March 25 Approaches

What Kind of Monsters Harass a Murder Victim’s Family?


FAKE, Photoshopeed Image - Meedith and her killer, Amanda Knox

FAKE, Photoshopped Image – Meredith and her killer, Amanda Knox

First, let’s address the avatar,: a grotesque altered image of the murder victim and the murderer,.  A prominent Knox supporter took the liberty of manipulating a photo of Meredith in the real world with real friends. The real friends were cropped out, replaced by a photo of Knox, the woman who stands convicted of participating in Meredith’s sexual assault and murder.  

Factoid: there were NO existing photographs of Amanda Knox and Meredith together, despite Knox’s insistence that they were close friends.  In desperate times, those lacking conscience and empathy cast aside all restraint and decency.    

Does the American public know that the Kercher family is mercilessly attacked on social media and subjected to targeted harassment by the murderer and her entourage? Does THAT behavior fit the image of a wholesome, studious young American woman whose only crimes were youth and bad judgment?

Consider this. In a mere few months, the Italian Supreme Court will deliver the ultimate verdict on this case.  Ms. Knox will have exhausted her appeals.. It’s the end of the road for Meredith’s two remaining murder accomplices.. On Merch 25, 2015, it is widely anticipated that the Supreme Court will uphold the appellate court guilty verdict. Either prison or life as a fugitive from justice awaits Amanda Knox.  In the unlikely event she is acquitted, so be it.  We recognize that we exert no influence over the judicial process. If she is acquitted, Amanda Knox will be a social pariah, forever known as the Single White Female roommate who viciously murdered Meredith because, in the words of Arline Kercher. “she [Meredith] was everything they’re not.”

Let’s Make a Comparison

LaciPetersonBack to the vicious social media campaign directed at the Kercher family.  To offer some perspective, consider the infamous case of San Quentin Prison inmate Scott Peterson, convicted murderer of wife Laci (pictured, left) and unborn son, Conor, in Modesto, California.  Considered attractive and charming -by some — like many psychopaths — Peterson has a typical following of prison groupies.  His conviction is currently on appeal with the US Supreme Court. 

What if it became public knowledge that his family and followers launched a PR campaign on social media,  directing hate messages to Laci’s family while simultaneously silencing those who speak out for the victims?   How would the public react at seeing her (still) grieving family accused of “persecuting” the murderer of Laci and Conor?. It’s inconceivable. Yet THIS, friends, is what the cult followers of Amanda Knox inflict on Meredith’s family..  It is evil, sick, twisted, indefensible, and it needs to stop. Continue reading

Amanda Knox & Social Media: Who’s Purging the Opposition?

Patrolling Social Media

“This Account Has Been Suspended.”  For many of us engaged on Twitter as advocates of justice for murder victim Meredith Kercher, this banner greeting has become all too familiar. Over the last couple of months, the rash of suspensions clearly targets those who believe the Italian justice system convicted the right people for Meredith’s murder.

Good friends are targeted, people who speak with conviction on the case facts, and defend the Kerchers from those out to defame and blame.  Anyone following me on Twitter knows that I was suspended without explanation in early December. Typically the Suspendees learn their Twitter status third-party style from their own  Cyberstalker Reporters.  Who needs direct communication from Twitter Support?  Here’s how it works:

Surveillance Games and Group Reporting

The Knox Elite Tweet Surveillance team is always on the job.   But please don’t insult these folks by implying they accept anything as crass as MONEY.  The reward is in the sheer physical ecstasy of that moment when they tweet the screenshot of…….


There you have it. the “big reveal” moment when the opponent can be outed and humiliated on Twitter. The tweeter’s habitual vulgarity and disrespect is showcased in this example. Its predilection for tweeting masturbatory metaphors (thankfully missing here) further dehumanizes its intended target. The target’s crime? Challenging the lies and twisted agenda of Team Knox and her band of followers. SocratesSlanderQuoteI can’t stand by and watch a friend, colleague and justice advocate Swansea Jack treated with such contempt and maliciousness. Good people like Laptoplip, Corpus Vile, trafficsUP,  Extradite_Knox, so many more, are being victimized and silenced by the Amanda Knox Purge the Opposition campaign.  Readers need to know that WE are doing nothing wrong. When our accounts start disappearing and Knox trolls start boasting, there is no victory.

The Embedded Tweet Scandal

In my last post, I reported on the Justice4ever hacking ordeal.  Remember the Twitter mobbing syndrome?  A group of Knox supporters inserted themselves into the topic, and launched a series of PUBLIC tweets showing off and amusing themselves about a criminal intrusion into my website. 

Well, well. The mobbers were infuriated that I memorialized a sampling of their public chats about the hacking of my website. What? Why so hostile and threatening, folks?  You claimed special knowledge of the hacking [“Cali’s site was NOT hacked!”] and had a cyber-comedy going on among you about me personally and the criminal cyber-intrusion into my website,  Don’t be embarrassed about your public tweets. You wrote them. Own it. SlanderAspersionDefamation

In fact…if I were a betting woman, I’d say the mobbers’ outrage over the publication of their tweets led to my Twitter account shut-down (based on lies). After all, one of the mobber/reporters (@tttmon) is named by her colleague as the very one who reported me.

Newsflash: For those who tweet recklessly, the entire world can see your tweets.  Because tweets are PUBLIC, and you tweet maliciously, clearly you want people to read your tweets. If you want to keep your tweets private, LOCK your accounts. 

For those particular haters intent on finding some authority to shut down my blog, feel free to email the owner: 

An apology and retraction of false accusations against me would be a step in the direction towards personal accountability. I’ll be waiting.   FYI, here’s Twitter’s policy on PUBLIC tweets. For Knox tweeters who get all mixed up about the legal terms when threatening legal or law enforcement actions, you’re welcome.

TwitterRulesTweetsArePublicDefamation, Lies, Harassment…

…are all Team Knox has left.  Let’s catch up on a bit of the chatter. Not to worry about idle threats, readers, these are all public tweets. Look who’s still whining and lying all these weeks later.  This is not a debate. This is consistent targeted abuse and censorship. Continue reading