Amanda Knox’s Rescuers: the Power of Self-Deception

 Amanda Knox and her rescuers: the power of self- deception

By Justiceseeker

Alice laughed: “There’s no use trying,” she said.  “One can’t believe impossible things.”
“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen… Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

Our valued forum member, Justiceseeker, has contributed this excellent guest blog. Justiceseeker possesses an admirable objectivity and knowledge of case facts. Don’t be misled into assuming this means a lack of passion for justice. “Justice Seeker” is indeed exactly that…and we’re grateful for such discipline and dedication to facts.

[Note: The graphics, including embedded tweets and images, were edited into justiceseeker's post.]

It seems that those within the Knox camp have had far more practice than the Queen in Lewis Carroll’s fantasy adventure; they clearly believe more than simply six impossible things – before or even after breakfast.


The TJMK website, for example, has recently listed fifty Knox PR myths, or impossible things, which have been generated repeatedly in the media since since 2007, both in the USA and Europe.

An example of one such myth is that Rudy Guede is the sole culprit in the murder of Meredith Kercher. Knox supporters say that Guede gained access to the cottage by breaking the window of Filomena’s room, despite her window being the most unlikely entry point. There were much easier and more secluded access areas to the building. But having supposedly entered the cottage by the most difficult route, the alleged intruder first ransacked the room, leaving no DNA, fingerprints, footprints, or any traces of ever having been there, before attacking and murdering poor Meredith. In the immediate aftermath of the crime Guede fled the cottage, leaving a trail of bloody footprints straight to the front door. How then, one has to ask, did traces of Meredith’s blood mixed with Amanda Knox’s come to be found in other areas of the cottage?

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Amanda Knox’s Parents to Stand Trial for Slander…in Absentia

Curt Knox, Edda Mellas and the Defamation Suit that Won’t Go Away

Edda and Curt Oprah Curt Knox and Edda Mellas ran into some legal trouble during their Italian sojourn starting back in 2007 when Amanda Knox was arrested for the murder of Meredith Kercher.  While actively courting the media — orchestrated by their Seattle-based PR maestro David Marriott — they were eager to carry out the strategy mandated by Marriott himself.  

 Barbie Nadeau reports on Knox and Mellas’ indictment for slandering the Perugia police, resulting in criminal and civil charges. 

 On Tuesday [February 9, 2011] , Amanda’s parents were indicted in absentia in Perugia, Italy, for slandering the local police. The charges filed against Curt Knox and Edda Mellas, who are divorced and both remarried, translate to criminal libel and carry a maximum three-year sentence and a hefty fine. The police are also suing Knox’s parents for damages in a parallel civil case. Knox, who is appealing her 26-year sentence for the murder of Meredith Kercher, faces similar criminal slander charges. Slander is a common charge in the Italian court system, with over 1,000 cases heard annually, mostly for slander through the press, but sometimes for accused criminals and their families as well.

Author and criminologist Will Savive explained the background of the defamation charges centering around an interview Amanda Knox’s parents gave to the British publication Sunday Times dating back to June 2008. The following is excerpted from his article dated February 15, 2011:

 It seems that the lies of Amanda Knox’s parents, or at best their “false statements,” are finally catching up with them. About an hour ago Amanda Knox’s parents, Curt Knox and Edda Mellas, were indicted in an Italian court for slander. The charges stem from an interview they gave Britain’s Sunday Times in an interview published on 15 June 2008. In it, Knox’s parents stated that—during Amanda’s 5 November 2007, interrogation—Amanda was interrogated by police for nine hours until she signed a statement at 5:54a.m.

FACT: the interrogation began at 12:30 a.m., on the 6th and ended at 5:45a.m., (5 hours and 15 minutes). Moreover, Knox confessed to being at the crime scene and implicated Patrick Lumumba after only an hour (1:30a.m.), at which time questioning was halted until Prosecutor Mignini was called in. Another erroneous statement given by Knox’s parents during that interview was that—during that same interrogation—“no professional interpreter was present, only a police officer who could speak English and who was not always there.”

FACT: There was an interpreter at that interrogation, Anna Donnino, and she testified during the trial. Moreover, Amanda herself testified to the presence of Anna as the interpreter during that interrogation. In that same article the dynamic-duo also said that “[Amanda] was given no food and no water for all the nine hours,” and she “was abused physically and verbally.” The couple did not attend today’s hearing, but Knox’s Lawyer, Luciano Ghirga, confirmed the indictment and said trial was set for 4 July 2011. Shockingly, a Knox family representative told various news sources that there would be no comment for the previously vocal duo.

The police interview of Amanda Knox can be narrowed down to a generous estimation of approximately TWO hours. The translator arrived at 12:30 a.m., and Knox signed her first written statement timestamped at 1:45 a.m. accusing Patrick Lumumba of raping and murdering Meredith, and placing herself at the crime scene.  These are documented facts, described in more detail on the official Meredith Kercher information site, The Murder of Meredith Kercher.

The internet is not yielding any productive results about the current status of the slander trial, a not-so-mysterious phenomenon considering the scope of Marriott’s continued control of the US media  It’s only thanks to Andrea Vogt‘s diligent reporting on the Knox case that offered the above-tweeted update. Curt and Edda are following family policy of no-show  for their own trials.  As stated above, criminal libel/slander can carry a sentence of three years and/or a steep fine.  How will the Italian court perceive the in absentia defendants?

Until next time, Cali

Is Amanda Knox Lying? Expert Lena Sisco Analyzes CNN Chris Cuomo Interviews


Guest Blogger Lena Sisco, Certified Military Interrogator, Former Naval Officer, Body Language and Statement Analysis Expert, Answers the Question:

Is Amanda Knox Lying?

Lena Sisco, President of The Congruence Group in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is our guest blogger today! Ms. Sisco took time from her demanding work schedule, at my request, to offer her professional expertise in statement analysis and body language analysis. I asked her to analyze media clips of Amanda Knox, and Ms. Sisco generously agreed. Many readers have expressed to me an interest in professional analysis of Knox based upon the sciences utilized by the FBI, law enforcement and the military. Ms. Sisco’s biography reveals a long and distinguished background in serving our country, as a former Naval officer, as a military intelligence officer,  and in her capacity as teacher and trainer.

Ms. Sisco is also a Lead Instructor at the Body Language Institute founded by Janine Driver, a well-known media commentator on the science of deception. Lena also provides media analyses on programs like Dr. Drew on HLN.

Regardless of personal opinions about Amanda Knox, this is a brilliant, informative and fascinating analysis. Readers know I am an unabashed true believer in Statement Analysis. Being an amateur without formal training, I marvel at Ms. Sisco’s command of her subject. Thank you, Lena, for expanding my knowledge and offering readers a glimpse into your world.

Here is her impressive biography directly from her website:

Lena+Sisco-300x300Lena Sisco is a former Department of Defense (DoD) certified Military Interrogator and Naval Officer who served in the Global War on Terror. She is the recipient of the Joint Service and the Navy/Marine Corp Commendation and Achievement Medals. Ms Sisco has 14 years experience in the field of Human Intelligence (HUMINT). She has worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence, Defense Intelligence Agency and partnered with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service in HUMINT Collection Activities. Ms Sisco has been training DoD personnel in interrogation, tactical questioning/debriefing, site exploitation, elicitation, counter-elicitation, cross cultural communications, HUMINT policy, detecting deception and behavioral congruency for over 10 years. In addition to instructing, Ms Sisco has developed courses and training curriculums and is Instructional Systems Design certified. She has experience in assessing individuals’ personality type preferences according to Jungian personality type concepts using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) tool in order for her to guide students to achieve the maximum learning experience in her classes. She also analyzes handwriting samples to help assess personality preferences. Ms Sisco is certified as a Body Language Institute Train-the-Trainer Instructor and instructs with Janine Driver. In addition, she is Six Sigma certified. Prior to her career in HUMINT, she received her Master’s Degree in Archaeology from Brown University and excavated overseas. She founded The Congruency Group in order to share her skills with DoD and Law Enforcement personnel and the private sector in order for individuals to achieve ultimate success in their personal and professional endeavors, put criminals behind bars and gather intelligence information to save lives. Follow Lena on Twitter 

Statement Analysis and Facial Expressions of Amanda Knox During Her Interviews with CNN’s Chris Cuomo

by Lena Sisco

Amanda Knox, accused, jailed and convicted for murdering Meredith Kercher on the evening of November 1, 2007, was provisionally acquitted by the first appeals court, returning home to Seattle in October 2011. Upon review by the Supreme Court of Cassation, the acquittal was subsequently annulled based upon a manifest lack of logic and other major points of law on March 26, 2013.

On April 29, 2014, the second appellate court upheld the initial conviction of Knox and her then-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito. Knox is now expected to file a final appeal to the Supreme Court. If the court decides to hear her appeal, it will only consider points of law. There will not be a retrial.

During the recent CNN interview between Chris Cuomo and Amanda Knox published on May 2, 2014 on You Tube

Amanda Knox continues to defend herself against accusations that she murdered Meredith Kercher. Knox answered Chris Cuomo’s questions slowly and methodologically, even six years after Meredith’s murder. Although you can see her struggling to carefully choose her words to plea her innocence, the words she used actually tell a different story. Below is an analysis of Amanda Knox’s statements during that interview and a look at her facial expressions in another interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo that both indicate behavioral incongruence, when the body language doesn’t match what the words are saying. Continue reading

Army Sgt. Kyle White, Medal of Honor Recipient, and Amanda Knox, a Tale of 2 Seattleites


Amanda Knox is a self-described “kid” and former Army Sgt. Kyle White is a man…and a hero

Army Sgt. Kyle White receives the Medal of Honor from President Obama May 13, 2014

Army Sgt. Kyle White receives the Medal of Honor from President Obama May 13, 2014

Today in a moving ceremony, President Obama bestowed the highest medal of valor to former Army Sgt. Kyle White. White, now age 27, is the seventh living recipient of the award recognizing those who fought in the Afghan and Iraq wars. “I do not consider myself a hero,” White said. “To me, the real heroes are the ones I fought with that day.”

On November 8, 2007, Sgt. White, originally from Seattle, was 20 years-old and deployed to Afghanistan, where he found himself facing the ultimate challenge. Five soldiers and one Marine were killed that day during a deadly enemy ambush in Afghanistan’s Nuristan province. Click on the link to Kyle’s name above to read the full inspiring, harrowing account. He describes the beginning of the exchange. The first shot came in like ‘a single pop.’ Then two pops, and then the whole valley lit up,” White recalled. “RPGs were coming from it seemed like everywhere.”

White, then a specialist with 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, is being honored for repeatedly running the gauntlet of enemy fire to get to the wounded and fallen. When the shooting stopped and night fell, White, who was barely 20 years old, cared for his wounded brother, called in steady radio reports, directed security and guided in close-air support until the medevac birds were able to come and evacuate the wounded and the dead.


“I dumped my first magazine, and when I went to reload it, I put the new magazine in, and nothing,” he said.

White was knocked unconscious by an incoming RPG. He woke up facedown on the trail.

This young man repeatedly risked open enemy fire to tend to the wounded and dying. Forward observer Spc. Kain Schilling was wounded in the shoulder. Says Schilling: “White dashed out to [wounded Marine Sgt. Phillip] Bocks, and you could see sparks all around Kyle,” Schilling continued “He glowed from the ricochets.”

Bocks had been shot at least twice, and White, using his body to shield Bocks from the enemy fire, tried to stop the bleeding as best he could.

“I worked on him until he was no longer with us,” White said.

Perugia, Italy, and Amanda Knox

Photo posted on Knox's myspace page

Photo posted on Knox’s myspace page

In that same month of November, 2007, a tragedy was unfolding. Amanda Knox, then 20 years-old, was the same age as Kyle White, and she also hailed from Seattle. Two days prior to the Afghanistan assault on White’s platoon that claimed six lives, Knox and her Italian lover, Raffaele Sollecito, had been arrested for the murder of her British roommate, 21-year old Meredith Kercher.

Meredith was a University of Leeds student who had won a coveted scholarship to study in Perugia as an Erasmus scholar.

RIP Meredith

RIP Meredith

Extremely bright, serious-minded and quiet, Meredith was also known for her wit and a sense of fun that drew many friends into her orbit. Within the prior two weeks, Meredith had started a romantic relationship with Italian student Giacomo Silenzi who resided in the apartment below her and her three roommates, two Italian women in their mid-20′s and Amanda Knox.

After a mere two wonderful months in Perugia living her dream, it all ended on the night of November 1, 2007.  Meredith Kercher arrived home sometime around 9:00 p.m. from a relaxing evening spent with her British friends. With her boyfriend and Italian roommates away for the holiday weekend, Meredith expected to be alone. Amanda was supposed to be working at Le Chic bar that night and spending the night at Raffaele’s. How could Meredith know that Knox was not needed at Le Chic that night, and within the following days, Amanda’s kind boss, Patrick Lumumba, would find himself tossed in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. And Meredith would not survive that very night. Her battered, bruised body was found on the cold tile floor of her bedroom. Covered in abrasions, bruises and various size pressure marks, Meredith had sustained two serious stab wounds to the neck. The final, mortal blow was inflicted by Amanda Knox according to Judge Alessandro Nencini. She was assisted in her attack on Meredith by two accomplices, lover Raffaele Sollecito, 23, and Rudy Guede, 20.

KnoxSollecitoBing_editedFollowing their conviction for Meredith’s murder in December 2009, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito continue to work through the lengthy Italian appeals process.  Rudy Guede, tried separately at his request, serves out his prison sentence.

Free while appealing their convictions, Knox and Sollecito have given numerous media interviews and both have written memoirs for big chunks of money. In addition, Knox used a PR firm to “manage” her image from the start. The media was soon saturated with childhood photos of little Amanda on the soccer field, little Amanda at her birthday party, the wholesome private high school Amanda, highly intelligent scholar, and young, naive kid who made some youthful blunders on her way to adulthood. But therein lies the problem. Amanda Knox has never moved on to adulthood, nor has her former flame, although that could be changing.

It’s a veritable mantra. What do you expect, we were just kids!  Even in their memoirs, Amanda and Raffaele have exploited the youth excuse to the max. On social media, the innocence supporters routinely promote the youth excuse, intimidating those who reject the two perpetrators’ litany of lies.

Sollecito meat cleaverConsider this. Sometime before Meredith’s murder and before meeting his American lovergirl, knife-and-violent manga-comics aficionado Sollecito posted on his myspace page a selfie, totally enveloped in white gauze — or toilet paper — holding up a meat cleaver in one hand and a bottle of bleach in the other. Did Amanda herself exploit his twisted fantasies to lure him into her depraved payback scenario — the ultimate humiliation of Meredith? 

Although both perpetrators freely posted these photos on social media [see above weapon-hugging pic of "My People Killed Your People" Knox from her myspace page], any re-postings, as I am now doing, invite the aggression of the online thugs with their “hater” and “guilter” assaults. Who are we to criticize kids for innocent mistakes, misguided humor and bad judgment?  Well, not so fast there. I’ll let readers make up their own minds about the murder, but they must study the Amanda Knox trial evidence, and not rely on the word of the convicted.

Sollecito, 23 at the time of the murder, is now 30 years old and still spoiled, indulged, and leading the life of a jetsetting playboy, fiance-shopping among an international cast of female companions. That is, until his passport was confiscated after the Nencini appellate court upheld the original court’s guilty verdict on January 30th.  Amanda Knox has explained that her initial attraction to Sollecito was his Harry Potter appeal. Wouldn’t a more suitable literary character for Raffaele be Peter Pan?

KnoxPerugiaCourtSollecitoGrinsThroughout the initial trial both kids smirked and strutted and admittedly didn’t take the process seriously until the guilty verdict was announced in December 2009. Now, despite all indications that the Supreme Court will uphold Judge Nencini’s verdict and sentencing report, Amanda Knox told Chris Cuomo she believes the court will find her innocent. This is the extent of the alternate reality inhabited by child-woman Amanda Knox. Her Peter Pan is now distancing himself from her and may be taking the first small steps to adulthood and accountability. Which leads me to my point about maturity and accountability vs pathological immaturity and lack of accountability.

Can the Kids learn from a Real Man?

Here’s an excerpt of what Kyle White had to say after receiving the Medal of Honor for gallantry and bravery that day in November, 2007. 

In a brief statement to reporters after Tuesday’s ceremony, White called the Medal of Honor “a symbol of the responsibility all soldiers knowingly face when they depart for distant lands in defense of the nation, a responsibility that locks us all in the bonds of brotherhood.”

As such, White couldn’t help but think about his brothers in arms.

“Without the team,” he said, “there could be no Medal of Honor. That is why I wear this medal for my team.”

Amanda Knox has an opportunity to humble herself and learn from this man of her generation, a man her age, from her home city and State. Although not many of us will be called to his level of heroism, we’d be well served to emulate his ability to make the right choices under fire, to never leave his team behind, to know the true meaning of friendship and accountability. His life is very different now, living in Charleston, SC, having acquired an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, settled into a job and an everyday, normal life. If Amanda Knox had prudently selected the fast-track trial that Guede opted for — giving up some rights in exchange for an expedited trial and some leniency in sentencing — she’d be that much closer to finishing up her sentence and exploring her own life choices. It’s too late for that. But first and foremost, she needs to come clean, set aside the lame excuses and heal her conscience and soul.  We all need heroes to inspire us and give us strength during the tough times.

Learn from Kyle White, Amanda, and turn your life around.

Until next time,

Amanda Knox to Chris Cuomo: If I Were There, I Would have had traces of Meredith’s Broken Body on Me


The Trials of Amanda Knox – CNN Interview- May 1, 2014

″What I can say is that, as this case has progressed, the evidence that the prosecution has claimed exists against me has been proven less and less and less.

Screenshot (365)_KnoxCuomoInterview5.1.14No matter where you stand on the guilt or innocence of Amanda Knox, her demeanor during the recent Chris Cuomo CNN interview revealed an unstable woman out of touch with public perception and out of sync with reality. Personally, watching and listening to Knox is increasingly unpleasant. To those of you who find me harsh and unyielding in my assessments of her, read no further or proceed as you like, but don’t expect a softening of my opinion.

A more compassionate view of Meredith Kercher‘s killer is within the realm of possibility… someday. In the here and now, however, Ms. Knox has not grown more humble, more honest, more sincere, more contrite. On the contrary, her lies have expanded with her ego. A newly bobbed haircut and a defiant attitude were on display in this latest round of Amanda Knox’s courting of the American media.  And it brought to mind another young woman, convicted murderer Jodi Arias.

Jodi Arias touches up makeup for media interview

Jodi Arias touches up makeup for media interview

In a high-profile Arizona trial last year, a jury found Ms. Arias guilty of the brutal stabbing and shooting murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Currently confined to Estrella women’s jail’s closed-custody unit, she awaits her sentencing trial scheduled for this September. Prior to the Sheriff pulling the plug on her access to the media, Ms. Arias had arranged a series of interviews, one immediately following her guilty verdict. Outraged and appalled, the American public reacted. I am of the opinion that Amanda Knox would receive the same scathing response had her crimes not been obfuscated by a high-powered Seattle public relations firm. Factor in the language barrier and an American media tightly controlled by PR firm Gogerty-Marriott, and the public was at a distinct disadvantage.

There are eery similarities between Jodi Arias and Amanda Knox — white, young, attractive, and in a bizarre twist, the two even share a birthday. Jodi Arias was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder [BPD], the symptoms of which seem discernible in Amanda. Their crimes were carried out in sadistic stabbing attacks, their victims ambushed and cornered at home. Both have waged smear campaigns against their prosecutors, and both harass their victims’ families. Most relevant to the topic of this post, they manipulate the media. Until Arias was denied media access, she shamelessly orchestrated a series of interviews on her own terms. Networks had to meet her criteria which largely focused on her interviewer of choice, someone not a “hater,” one who would not ask hard questions.  Her appearance was next on the list, and one male interviewer showed up with her favorite cosmetics, as promised. Arias was transformed from courtroom plain librarian with (fake) reading glasses into a demure, whispery-voiced, girl next door…in prison stripes.

Amanda Knox’s May 1st CNN interview, scripted and contrived, nevertheless pierced her crafted public persona. In a now-familiar pattern, she immediately and impulsively reacted to the April 29th publication of Judge Alessandro Nencini’s 347-page sentencing report.  Endlessly caught off-guard and “shocked” by very predictable court verdicts, Knox reveals how tone-deaf she is to signals readily detectible to the average person. So here she was, recklessly, clumsily rebutting a detailed, thorough and very lengthy sentencing report. How could she have sufficiently read and understood this report within a mere day? Incapable of silence, her every word could have long-range legal consequences. Yet Knox appears to have gone rogue, the master of her own fate. Her lawyers are said to be preparing her final appeal, but they are handicapped by a client impervious to sound advice. Having served three years in prison for calunnia — years she still deceptively claims were “for nothing,” — for false murder accusations against an innocent man, Judge Nencini already lengthened her current sentence to 28 years, 6 months. 

It gets worse. Not satisfied with a high-profile interview alone, she released an April 29th press release. The statement is a masterpiece of bravado, weak denials, lies, lies and more lies. Worse, publication was coordinated through her publicist, David Marriott. Are any thinking adults at home in Knox’s Seattle inner circle?

The Interview

Let’s start with the nonverbal. Pay special attention to Amanda Knox’s reaction to Cuomo’s first question:

Cuomo: Why do you think this judge goes further than any other, that not only does he say, this is the knife, not only does he say that you had it because of DNA around the bottom of the blade and the hilt, but that he believes that you are the one who actually killed Meredith Kercher?

[Watch her face at about 0.23 on this clip.]

Knox: [Sigh, eyes gaze upward and then close] I believe… [huge smile]… I can’t speculate what this judge’s motivations are, personal motivations or otherwise.


“What I can say is that, as this case has progressed, the evidence that the prosecution has claimed exists against me has been proven less and less and less.

What did we not see? A direct steady gaze, a somber expression, an even but animated speech pattern. Innocent people would not break into a gigantic smile when asked about wielding the murder weapon.  My guess is they also would not continually look right, left, up, and down trying to gauge the appropriate human emotion. In short, they would do the opposite of what Amanda Knox did during this interview with Chris Cuomo.

Knox has a habit of incorporating qualifiers into every sentence, taking the longest, most circuitous route to say whatever it is she’s trying to say. Don’t bother asking Amanda what she means. She doesn’t know. Consider that this was her “one and only reaction interview,” [following the Nencini report.] Yet there was the same monotonous, flat voice that quakes on command, facial expressions that transition in nanoseconds from sad to happy, big smiles, back to unsuccessful attempts at a cry-face. Her eyes couldn’t squeeze out a single water drop. Smiles, arrogance and more lies took us full circle back to her courtroom demeanor throughout the 2009 trial in Perugia.

Interview viewers on social media expressed doubts and confusion.

Amanda Knox is a shell of a human being and possibly dangerously close to public meltdowns. Continue reading

Amanda Knox Inflicted Death Blow, Fought with Meredith About Stolen Money says Italian Judge

Judge Alessandro Nencini  announces upholding of GUILTY verdict January 30, 2014

Judge Alessandro Nencini announces upholding of GUILTY verdict January 30, 2014

April 29, 2014

Amanda Knox wielded the knife that killed Meredith, says judge

AMANDA KNOX inflicted the fatal knife blow that killed Meredith Kercher while Raffaele Sollecito and Rudy Guede held her back, according to the Italian judge who convicted the American of murder earlier this year and who today released his ‘reasoning.’

Read more of Andrea Vogt’s update today in The Week on the publication of Judge Alessandro Nencini’s 337-page sentencing report. Personally, I have been counting down the days until he published his report outlining the logic and reasoning in the appellate court’s decision to uphold the initial trial court’s Guilty verdict in Perugia back in December 2009.

amanda_knox_ABCNewsAs much as I hoped Nencini would specifically address Knox’s infliction of the fatal knife wound, reading his words jolted me again into the horror that was Meredith’s final night on earth. Anticipating class the next morning (unaware that the university was closed for a national holiday), Meredith wanted to study and rest at home after a late Halloween the prior night. She departed for home after an evening of fun and friendship, completely unaware that her American roommate had been morbidly brooding, unaware that this kooky girl from Seattle was a walking time bomb. Within the very home where Meredith should have felt safe and secure, the American girl from Seattle lay in wait, accompanied by two male accomplices. Three against one. 

Whether murder was the original intent, whether it was a retaliatory hazing escalating to murder, or whether an argument about stolen money further enraged Knox, she stabbed Meredith in the neck with Raffaele Sollecito’s kitchen knife. We know this because Amanda Knox’s DNA was found in two places on the handle of that knife near the intersection of knife and blade, and Meredith’s genetic material was found on the lower blade. Meredith had never been to Sollecito’s flat. And why was his DNA missing from his own kitchen knife?

In the scathing report that spells out the evidence, logic and reasoning that led to his guilty verdict in Florence on 30 January, Judge Nencini also says Knox and her defence tried to tamper with evidence and pervert the truth by introducing prisoners as witnesses, whose testimony turned out to be false and induced by “other interests.”

“It is clear how this trial was subject to heavy evidence tampering, both internally (slander) and externally,” Nencini writes.

Knox's Very Young Half-sisters interviewed during her appeal, photographed outside the cottage where Meredith was murdered

What parents would allow very young daughters, Ashley and Delaney, Knox’s half-sisters, (with sis Deanna) to be interviewed during her appeal, and photographed outside the cottage where Meredith was murdered? Publicity campaign and tourist attraction, anything for the cause.

Tampering with evidence? Perverting the truth? Slander (Libel)?  Here Nencini directly acknowledges attempts by Knox, her defense, and by inference those who colluded — her family and PR rep — to influence a verdict and bring down a system of justice portrayed as utterly archaic, corrupt and incompetent. Ditto for Raffaele Sollecito and his high-profile lawyer, Giulia Bongiorno. After a bitter loss following her failed plea for Raffaele’s innocence in the September 2013 appeal over which Nencini presided, Bongiorno launched a bulldozing attempt to discredit him. With accusations of impropriety relating to his spontaneous, informal court hallway remarks to a journalist following

Lawyer Giulia Bongiorno with her client Raffaele Sollecito

Lawyer Giulia Bongiorno with her client Raffaele Sollecito

the appeal conclusion, Bongiorno’s efforts were a major fail. [Note: if you research Giulia Bongiorno's career and public escapades, you'll learn about her own questionably-timed interviews with the press.]  After an inquiry, the Italian Magistrate commission found no evidence of Nencini’s impropriety. He was not censured and the investigation was closed. How did that work out for you, Ms. Bongiorno, especially now that you’ll be preparing for another appeal?  HarryRag’s tweet to her perfectly sums up reaction to Nencini’s motivations report:


The Mirror focuses on the explicit conflict between Amanda Knox and the woman she murdered, Meredith Kercher:

Meredith Kercher murder: Amanda Knox ‘fought with British student over money on night of her death…

The court noted that at least two knives were used to attack Meredith and there were also finger imprints on her body, indicating she had been restrained – ruling out the possibility that Guede was the only attacker.

The court said there was ample evidence of a bad relationship between the two roommates, despite Knox’s attempts to play down differences in court, and cited statements by Guede under police questioning that Meredith had accused Knox of taking money from her room.

The court said it was not necessary for all of the assailants to have the same motive, and that the murder was not attributable to a sex game gone awry, as it was out of Meredith’s character to have consented to such activity.”

Meredith photographed in Italian publication

Meredith photographed in Italian publication

It was not enough for Amanda Knox to wield the death weapon and terrorize her victim. As evidenced by numerous and various sized hand imprints/pressure marks on Meredith’s body, Knox forcibly restrained her. All three assailants were convicted of sexual assault and murder, and Rudy Guede today lives out his prison sentence.  Amanda Knox is sentenced to 28 years, 6 months, compared to Sollecito’s 25 years. Her additional time is connected to the crime of calunnia for which she’s already served three years. But you see, Amanda Knox loves to talk. She loves to write. Some of those she has defamed in her memoir and in her numerous media interviews have been watching, reading, gathering evidence for lawsuits. Knox — and her parents — could be entangled in lawsuits for a very, very long time. Italian justice moves slowly but surely. To those who say that residence in the States protects them all from judicial action, think again.

A ruling on the verdict by the Supreme Court of Cassation will be announced, possibly by September.  Knox and Sollecito’s lawyers are expected to file appeals.

I’ll cover the motivations report more thoroughly when an English translation is available, thanks to the dedicated volunteers at True Justice for Meredith (TJMK) and the sister sites of Perugia Murder File (PMF). Amanda Knox will undoubtedly send out an SOS for help with her own translation. It’s not a bad thing to have personal projects to occupy time while awaiting the inevitable. And Italian fluency will be an advantage when she’s serving out her 28 years, 6 months.

As always, I’m interested in hearing from my readers. For those who have not yet commented but have something you’d like to say, there is nothing complicated about the process. All that’s required is a screen name and email. If you’re already signed up with Disqus, all the better, and you may sign in with Facebook as well. Let your voice be heard!

Until next time,