Holly Bobo’s Remains Found, TBI Aggressively Investigating Murder

Several Arrests Have Been Made in the Nursing Student’s Murder


After nearly three years from that day in April, 2011 when 20 year-old Holly Bobo was snatched from her home in Darden, Tennessee, her family received the bittersweet news they’d been awaiting. The young nursing student’s remains were found in heavily wooded property in Decatur County.  Anyone following this case in all its horrific details can only grieve with this family who has waited so long to be reunited with Holly.

Zachary Adams

Zachary Adams

The Tennesse Bureau of Investigation (TBI), County Sheriffs, police officers and investigators united to perfom a thorough investigation resulting in several arrests. Law enforcement across the country should take note. THIS is how an investigation is conducted. If necessary, arrest a suspect on unrelated charges to keep him behind bars, to prevent evidence tampering and/or a disappearing act while the investigation continues.  

John "Dylan" Adams

John “Dylan” Adams

Dylan Adams, 26, younger brother of Zachary Adams, 30, was already in custody on federal firearms violations. Authorities issued a warrant for his arrest on charges related to Holly’s kidnapping and murder, but he hasn’t yet been indicted. Older brother Zachary was indicted on charges of First Degree Felony Murder and Aggravated Kidnapping.

Detained in different jails, earlier this year Zachary was charged with trying to coerce Dylan into silence.  The older brother reportedly attempted to deliver a menacing message to Dylan.  

“Tell my brother he is the one who started this (expletive) and if he don’t shut his mouth he will be in the hole beside her [Holly],” according to the warrant. Adams gave the message on March 4 to an inmate who was going to be transferred to Obion County, the warrant says. 

After the discovery of Holly’s partial remains, Decatur County Sheriff Keith Byrd had announced at a news conference that additional arrests in the case would be forthcoming. Continue reading

Caylee Anthony, RIP August 9, 2005 – June 16, 2008

Caylee Marie Anthony, We Will Never Forget You

CayleeAnthony3Along with thousands of other trial watchers, I followed the Orlando trial of Casey Anthony starting May 24, 2011, lasting six weeks. Starting with jury selection in the neighboring county of Pinellas, I watched and listened to voir dire with a sinking feeling that the jury was ill-chosen for such a high-profile crime. Some had brushes with the law and/or had family members who did, and one juror stated clearly that she couldn’t judge, only God could. Not a good mix. Factor in the frustration and loneliness of being sequestered far from home, and you have a defense lawyer’s dream jury.

Caylee Anthony's final resting spot after flooding by Hurricane Fay

Caylee Anthony’s final resting spot after flooding by Hurricane Fay

Casey Anthony, then aged 22, had been indicted by a grand jury for capital murder (which carried a possible death penalty in the state of Florida), aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter and four counts of lying to law enforcement. CaseyAnthonyCourtThe trial was televised, and it was maddening to watch the defendant play to the cameras and to the jury. In the presence of presiding Judge Belvin Perry, Jr., but always outside the presence of the jury, Anthony smirked, giggled, flirted, gave middle finger salutes, and bantered with her attorneys Jose Baez and J. Cheney Mason, otherwise known as her “boys.” It’s inconceivable, but Judge Perry allowed such behavior without even a single reprimand delivered to “Miss Anthony.”  In the jury’s presence, she sobered up, and intermittently poked at her dry eyes with a tissue in an attempt to squeeze some water out which became a bizarre ritual.  In the escalating courtroom drama, Jose Baez ensured that his client was portrayed as the only victim and a great mom.

Grief Expert Testifies, Dr. Sally Kerioth

Grief Expert Testifies, Dr. Sally Kerioth

To explain away the 31 days that she didn’t bother to report her daughter “missing,” Baez waited until his opening statement to deliver the bombshell that was guaranteed to instill doubt in the minds of a handpicked jury too mentally-challenged to grasp the calculated timing and theatrics. In a performance straight out of an actors’ workshop, Jose Baez announced that Caylee never was missing; she had drowned in the above-ground family swimming pool. The logical question then became why did HE allow his client to sit in jail for three years for an accidental drowning?

To maximize the impact, Casey Anthony sat in her permanently lowered chair (to look more vulnerable) and did her best to cry. To further convince the jury, his backup plan included the testimony of an expert witness, the eccentric “Grief Specialist” Sally Karioth, who did a lot of arm-waving, reminiscent in demeanor and speech patterns to Seattle lawyer Anne Bremner. Continue reading

Amanda Knox: Harry Rag Explains Media Image Campaign

Explaining the Guerilla-Style Social Media Campaign

Much of the American media coverage of Meredith Kercher’s 2007 murder in Perugia, Italy, has been appalling — one-sided, biased and riddled with factual errors. Many of the journalists covering the case have behaved like press spokespeople for Amanda Knox. Instead of providing balanced and factual reports about the case, they have provided PR spin. Harvard Law School professor and media legal commentator Alan Derschowitz noted that the media coverage in America has been extremely one-sided:

“I have to tell you, in 50 years of practicing law, I had never seen a more one-sided presentation by the media in the United States of the case. Everybody is saying there’s no evidence against her [Amanda Knox] and she’s totally innocent. It’s just not true.” (Alan Derschowitz).

A recent guerrilla-style social media campaign featured a series of creatively edited  images highlighting the media blackout in Seattle. Blackout refers to the absence of legitimate facts about the case. In addition, the Seattle press avoids any mention of the defamatory nature of statements made by Knox’s PR consultant David Marriott, and Seattle lawyer and media commentator Anne Bremner, legal consultant to the Friends of Amanda organization (FOA). A blind eye also is turned to the ignorance of a number of Amanda Knox’s high-profile supporters.

AnneBremnerMugShot1A dishonest ex-jailbird with no regard for truth or justice shouldn’t be allowed to be a television legal analyst.

In 2010, Anne Bremner was caught driving under the influence of alcohol after attending a drink or drown party. She was arrested, brought to the local Seattle police station and King County Jail. She later attempted to suppress the truth about what happened during the arrest by blocking the release of the investigative and video reports. At the time of her arrest, she claimed to have been a victim of a hit-and-run accident, and that she had a brain injury that mimicked the signs of alcohol impairment. Thanks to the efforts of a number of determined journalists, the investigative reports and video were eventually released. Bremner pleaded guilty to driving under the influence, was sentenced to two days in jail, a $5,000 fine and required to have an ignition locking device installed in her car.

DougBremnerNaziThen there is Anne Bremner’s brother, Doug, another vociferous supporter of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. He stunned social media with a tweet comparing Meredith’s family to the Nazis in Germany, claiming they were persecuting Amanda Knox the same way the Nazis persecuted the Jews and gypsies. [Read his tweet, captioned in the above image.]  By the way, Doug offered no evidence of the Kerchers persecuting Amanda Knox. Continue reading

Casey Anthony: Still Hiding Three Years Later

Lawyer Cheney Mason Promotes New Book, Describes Casey as Living the Life of a Hermit

On July 5, 2011 the verdict was announced that set Casey Anthony free. Has it really been three years? For those following her trial, that moment is deeply imprinted in our collective memory.  There was shock, disbelief, followed by a deep and abiding anger and outrage. Social media was flooded with comments declaring our justice system very broken. Also broken were hearts of strangers who had come to embrace this little girl as our own, while her “mother” — more accurately described as her egg donor — had tossed this precious child’s body in a swamp.

Caylee Marie Anthony

Caylee Marie Anthony

Caylee Marie Anthony would have been three years-old on August 9, 2008. But on December 11th of that year, her skeletal remains were recovered from a wooded area about half a mile from the Anthony residence. Caylee had spent her short life on this earth in that unhappy home where her mother Casey lived with her parents, George and Cindy Anthony, and Casey’s brother, Lee.

Astonishingly, three years have not dimmed the public’s love for a child abused and abandoned by the very people who should have protected her.

With Caylee securely enshrined in hearts and memory, the injustice that set her killer free haunts those who witnessed the travesty that unfolded in that Orlando courtroom presided over by Judge Belvin Perry, Jr.

casey-gives-the-bird-44Back in March 2010, lead attorney Jose Baez hired J. Cheney Mason as co-counsel.  Now aged 70, at that time he became the senior member of Anthony’s legal team. Reportedly, he developed a “fatherly” affection for the defendant. Anthony had a particularly close relationship with her lawyers, with frequent courtroom hijinks on display throughout the televised trial.

Last month, Mr. Mason was busy promoting his new book, Justice in America: How the Prosecutors and the Media Conspire Against the Accused.  Although not scheduled for official release until this month, the pre-orders and preliminary reviews do not look promising. Reduced by 30% on Amazon, ranked at #137,874, the less-than-lacklustre reception by the public is set to rival the abysmal sales of the book published by Jose Baez back in 2012.
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Amanda Knox and the Seattle News Conspiracy


When the focus is Amanda Knox, is there a secret cabal of news media and journalists in her home city of Seattle, conspiring in a campaign of concealment while simultaneously smearing the country that convicted her? Since the tragic murder of British student, 21-year-old Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy back in November, 2007, Code Amanda seems to be the operative password.

The Crime

In deep trouble, then 20-year-old, Seattle-born Knox was charged with aggravated murder [special circumstances of sexual assault], theft, and staging a burglary in the cottage she rented with Kercher and two Italian roommates. Her Italian lover of approximately one week, Raffaele Sollecito, was also charged. [Third accomplice, Rudy Guede, had fled to Germany shortly after the murder, but was captured by German authorities and returned to Italy to stand trial.]

What makes this case unique are the circumstances driving a media alliance supporting one average young woman from an average family. Celebrities, athletes, socialites and politicians often use publicists to negotiate some positive press in times of scandal and disgrace. How many average families seek a professional publicist?

The Knox Family Needs a PR Firm

Who would expect Curt Knox, Amanda’s father, to hire Seattle publicist David Marriott, of Gogerty Marriott,  a mere three days after her arrest? The contract was signed in a hot minute — Curt was in a hurry — for a financial amount that has never been disclosed to my knowledge. Amanda was locked up in a Perugia prison but legal representation was put on hold while Curt got the PR guy in place.

It has been argued that the family was bombarded with media interest and they needed a professional to guide them.

But… anyone following this case knows that the role of David Marriott encompassed far more than helping a family in shock deal with intrusive media.  With the ink not yet dry on the contract, Marriott set out to contain national and international reporting while simultaneously sanitizing the internet.  In PR-speak, this is known as “image rehabilitation.”  Marriott’s job description clearly involved not only his primary client, Amanda Knox, but her biological parents and step-parents.

 What Would You Do?

Ask yourself this question: if, God forbid, your adult child is arrested for murder in a foreign country, what comes to mind as the first action you take? Would it involve an urgency to inquire among work colleagues and friends for the name of the best PR firm in town?

Read more about Marriott, his sweeping PR strategy and intent to influence a verdict in my prior post linked here David Marriott of the public relations firm Gogerty Marriott.

King 5 Journalist Linda Byron and Amanda Knox

Linda Byron, a King 5 award-winning investigative journalist, has long championed the innocence of Amanda Knox. Known for her Bully with a Badge series on — you guessed it — police misconduct, Byron unquestioningly embraces Knox’s tale of Perugia police brutality. Quickly gaining a reputation as a Knox apologist, the Seattle journalist bristles when confronted with her lack of objectivity.  Case facts are just so many annoying little details to Ms. Byron, who is more comfortable conducting interviews titled Amanda Knox: Her Life Now.

Raffaele Sollecito’s New Strategy

It’s fair to assert that in general the American media has been kind to Amanda Knox. But  change is in the air.  The Marriott era muzzling of journalists is coming to an end.  And as the clock ticks down towards the Italian Supreme Court decision on appeals court Judge Nencini’s guilty verdict, Raffaele Sollecito is publicly distancing himself from Knox’s alibi. Continue reading

Amanda Knox’s Rescuers: the Power of Self-Deception

 Amanda Knox and her rescuers: the power of self- deception

By Justiceseeker

Alice laughed: “There’s no use trying,” she said.  “One can’t believe impossible things.”
“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen… Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

Our valued forum member, Justiceseeker, has contributed this excellent guest blog. Justiceseeker possesses an admirable objectivity and knowledge of case facts. Don’t be misled into assuming this means a lack of passion for justice. “Justice Seeker” is indeed exactly that…and we’re grateful for such discipline and dedication to facts.

[Note: The graphics, including embedded tweets and images, were edited into justiceseeker's post.]

It seems that those within the Knox camp have had far more practice than the Queen in Lewis Carroll’s fantasy adventure; they clearly believe more than simply six impossible things – before or even after breakfast.


The TJMK website, for example, has recently listed fifty Knox PR myths, or impossible things, which have been generated repeatedly in the media since since 2007, both in the USA and Europe.

An example of one such myth is that Rudy Guede is the sole culprit in the murder of Meredith Kercher. Knox supporters say that Guede gained access to the cottage by breaking the window of Filomena’s room, despite her window being the most unlikely entry point. There were much easier and more secluded access areas to the building. But having supposedly entered the cottage by the most difficult route, the alleged intruder first ransacked the room, leaving no DNA, fingerprints, footprints, or any traces of ever having been there, before attacking and murdering poor Meredith. In the immediate aftermath of the crime Guede fled the cottage, leaving a trail of bloody footprints straight to the front door. How then, one has to ask, did traces of Meredith’s blood mixed with Amanda Knox’s come to be found in other areas of the cottage?

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