The Final Injustice: High Court Acquits in Meredith Kercher Murder

 March 27, 2015        

Corte Suprema di Cassazione, Palazzo di Giustizia

Rome's Palace of Justice, Supreme Court judges deliberate into the night

Rome’s stately Palace of Justice, Supreme Court judges deliberate into the night


Kristeva, our own citizen journalist, from Perugia Murder File, attended the hearing. The location of the hearings had been moved to the Great Hall to accommodate the large crowd, but cell phone use was banned.  This didn’t prevent Kristeva from finding a way to provide regular, timely updates, for which we’re all immensely grateful.

On that Friday, word had quickly spread that a verdict was imminent. Shockingly, Kristeva tweeted “Acquitted.” Kristeva is fluent in Italian. No mistake.







Fom independent journalist Andrea Vogt who has been convering the case from the beginning:  

Then this tweet from Andrea a few days later:

Poor Andrea, battling aggressive Amanda Knox supporters who don’t know when to back off.


The Aftermath

It was the wrong verdict, an unfair verdict and devastating to the Kercher family and those of us who have sought to present truth about the facts of Meredith’s murder.. ArlineStephanieJohnKercherWith evidence surpassing that required in most U.S. legal jurisdictions, the outcome should have been far different.

Imagine so many years of waiting, encouraged by the Supreme Court’s 2013 annulment of the Hellman acquittal, the subsequent upholding of the Guilty verdicts on appeal, and the long history of dedicated judges and prosecutors who, at considerable personal risk, did the right thing.. One would easily and reasonably expect the High Court’s concurrence with what it previously annulled and sent to Florence on appeal.  It’s convoluted and embarrassing, not a proud moment for Italian justice.

For some excellent reading on this topic, catch up on True Justice for Meredith (TJMK) and Perugia Murder File dot ORG and dot NETf.

As Arline Kercher stated in an interview:

… after “eight years of waiting, we now know we have waited in vain.”   “The first reaction was one of surprise and then I was shocked because they’ve had two convictions and they’ve had two acquittals now,” she said. “I really don’t understand any of it to be honest and I won’t really know anything until the judge writes his report. What happened that evening? ” she said. “Who killed her? No one seems to be able to get to the truth.”

Will the Kerchers get the answers they seek?  Will the Supreme Court verdict effecitively shut down their attempts to learn how and why “two accomplices” and Rudy Guede sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered Meredith?